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Outlaw Daddies


The Outlaw Daddies are a high energy Rockabilly trio out of Montclair,CA. Their music can be best described as a mix of traditional, neo and outlaw country style rockabilly. The group was formed by upright bassist and lead vocals Gil "Pops" Tay. Whom was  upright bassist for the former Psychobilly bands "The Kat Killers" and "Lonesome Batz" and lastly high energy rockabilly band "The Tone Slingers". For many years, Gil "Pops" Tay has been limited to bass playing only and felt it was time to try something new. He decided to start his own Rockabilly band where he could utilize all of his talents to not only bass playing, but also to sing and write his own music.
Teaming up with ex bandmate and "Shurfire Combo" guitarist Frenchy, they began creating new music  from their own styles and musical influences. After writing a few songs it was time to look for a drummer and decided to recruit percussionist/vocalist Santino "Rockin' Ramos" of the Vintage Rhythm & Blues group "The Honeydrops" and also formerly of local rockabilly band "The Buzz Jumpers". Since coming together in the Summer of 2015 the Outlaw Daddies has been playing venues across Southern California and continue to look for new opportunities. Outlaw Daddies have recently released their first 11 track full length album titled Outlaw Daddies in April 2017 , which includes original songs such as "She's Gone", "Outlaw Daddy" & "Go Away".  Outlaw Daddies were excited to play Viva Las Vegas 21 where they were very grateful for all their support from many fans, family & friends. After Viva 21 Outlaw Daddies decided to go down a new path with a new drummer.  Outlaw Daddies introduced Johnny Burnz as their new drummer for a short time. Frenchy decided to take a long break from playing for personal reasons. Outlaw Daddies are very excited have introduced Chris Pickins as lead guitarist for the Outlaw Daddies. Chris has tons of talent with his unique guitar picking style which Outlaw Daddies are honored to have as a guitarist. Outlaw Daddies again  decided to try another route with a drummer and are excited to welcome Johnny Vile as drums, Johnny has many years of experience in the punk and rockabilly scenes. Outlaw Daddies and Johnny Vile parted ways in the end of 2019. In 2020 Outlaw Daddies welcomed Jade Ramos  as their drummer. Outlaw Daddies released their 2nd album titled : Smoking Revolvers : in 2020. Outlaw Daddies have performed at many venues and locations in the past 6yrs since establishing in 2015. Outlaw Daddies wish to share their music with as many people as possible and hope to be coming to a venue near you soon.